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Core competence is at development of software for data security, especially securing access rights and authentification of users. Currently we are running a one-time-secret service which implements a way to bypass strong passwords. - securely send and receive sensitive information

The common situation - you need to send credentials over email or Slack. But how can you know if someone was eavesdropping and read the message and the credentials? And how can you know when and who viewed the credentials? Using our service you can create a one-time link to the credentials and be sure nobody sees them before the recipient. You can also configure notifications to be sent via different channels so you know when the credentials have been viewed, and by who. As the link works only once, you also know that the credentials can't be read again by anyone. You can completely hide our branding and add your own, and you can also customize the content of the pages your users see when they view the credentials. Want to integrate our service directly into your software, or want to perform the encryption and decryption outside of our service? No problem - we have an easy to use REST API just for that.

Make sure the secrets you send and receive stay secret.
  • One-time link, always: The link can only be opened once. This ensures nobody has opened it before the recipient and nobody can open it again afterwards. The encrypted secret is deleted from our database when it has been viewed. There's no way to view it again.
  • No more emails or chat logs containing valid credentials: Sending secrets in plain text exposes them to threats even after the message has been long forgotten. Using a one-time link ensures that there are no valid credentials lying around in email inboxes or archived instant messages.
  • Client-side encryption and decryption: All encryption and decryption is performed in the browser. Half of the encryption key is stored in the link itself and never seen by us or anyone else. Viewing the secret is not possible without the original link.
  • Privacy: No analytics scripts or codes - we do not track our users. We never store more user data than is absolutely needed to run the service.
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